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providing lawn care and landscaping services in East Cincinnati


  • Landscaping Design
  • Landscaping Installation
  • Landscape Maintenance

For our landscape installations, we work directly with the customer

  • The customer tells us their most important needs
  • Walk the job site with the customer
  • Listen and observe until we have gained a good understanding of the customer’s objectives
  • Only then do we begin preparing our recommendation

Design plan includes specifics

  • Provide itemized list of costs
  • List the types of plants, trees and flowers we recommend and their localities within the design
  • Include drawings to illustrate our ideas to the customer

Our landscapers follow a predetermined plan throughout each phase of the job

  • Prioritize the tasks of a job
  • Prepared for problems before they occur

Guarantee all of our plants and trees, for up to one year

All landscape companies have access to the same suppliers ~ what differentiates us from the competition?

Planning, organization and preparation
Our focus on the customer’s needs